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Update (September 19)



Heritage Conference Golf Championship (Sept. 19):

Ligonier Valley won the conference golf championship by one stroke with a score fo 430, followed by West Shamokin (431), Northern Cambria (442), Homer-Center (443), Saltsburg (537) and Blairsville (554).


All-Conference honors went to (Boys) Chris Ober of Homer-Center (75), Tanner Pershing of Northern Cambria (77), Nate Zik of West Shamokin (81), Jon Rankin of Ligonier Valley (81), Collin Moore of United (85) and Eric Spencer of West Shamokin (85), and (Girls) Kendra Pecora of Ligonier Valley (85), Molly Sisitki of Blairsville (112), Macey Davison of Northern Cambria (112), Blake Tonkin of Blairsville (115), Hannah Muir of Saltsburg (122) and Maddy Pierce of Ligonier Valley (122).


Heritage Conference/WestPAC Challenge Renewed (Sept. 14):

The Heritage Conference and West Pac announce the Heritage Conference-West Pac Challenge presented by First Commonwealth Bank is back for the third consecutive year.


The crossover games will be hosted by the West Pac and will be played Friday, October 26. The Heritage-West Pac Challenge culminates with the Appalachian Bowl Championship Game between the champions of each league on Saturday, October 27 at Windber Stadium at 7:00 pm.


Heritage Conference/WestPAC Football Media Day (Aug. 3):

Video Previews of the Upcoming Season - Blairsville players; Homer-Center coaches; Ligonier Valley's Roger Beitel; Ligonier Valley players; Marion Center's Adam Rising; Marion Center players; Northern Cambria's Sam Shutty; Northern Cambria players; Penns Manor's Bill Packer; Penns Manor players; Purchase Line's Matt Falisec; Saltsburg's Mike Leasure; Saltsburg players; United's Kevin Marabito; West Shamokin's Jon McCullough



Week 4 Football (Sept. 21) - Blairsville at Purchase Line; Ligonier Valley at West Shamokin; United at Homer-Center; Marion Center at Northern Cambria; Penns Manor at Saltsburg

Week 4 Football (Sept. 14) - Penns Manor 20, United 9; West Shamokin 32, Blairsville 12; Homer-Center 13, Marion Center 6; Northern Cambria 35, Purchase Line 0; Saltsburg forfeited to Ligonier Valley

Week 3 Football (Sept. 7) - Blairsville 38, Saltsburg 26; Northern Cambria 36, West Shamokin 14; Homer Center 30, Penns Manor 28; Ligonier Valley 47, United 7; Marion Center 20, Purchase Line 8

Week 2 Football (Aug 31) - Ligonier Valley 48, Penns Manor 8; United 57, Blairsville 28; Homer Center 50, Purchase Line 28; West Shamokin 22, Marion Center 14; Northern Cambria 50, Saltsburg 13

Week 1 Football (Aug 24) - Penns Manor 52, Blairsville 14; Ligonier Valley 56, Homer-Center 0; Saltsburg 22, Marion Center 12; Northern Cambria 43, United 14; West Shamokin 37, Purchase Line 6






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